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 The First Day In A New Place

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Owner: Elliot James
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PostSubject: The First Day In A New Place   Tue Aug 31, 2010 5:25 pm

Monster was reluctant to head out of the trailer, but once he was out he was hot on his toes. Ready to move forward obnoxiously, trying to figure out where he could be. Monster jerked his head up only to be forcefully pulled down by the tall, strong man Elliot. Elliot had spoke in soothing words, and calmly stroked Monsters neck. Monster slowly calmed down. Elliot coaxed the black and white horse to the barn containing Monster new home. As they walked down the isle into a stall, isolated at the end where there were no other surrounding horses in the stalls next to him. Monster lowered his head as he jumped forward into the stall almost crashing into the wall in front of him, but stopping in time to where he only just bumped his soft nose. turning around all monster saw was the wooden door close and the big man smile and speak. "Now with that attitude even a floating leaf will make you scared," The man shook his head and turned away. As soon as he was away from the door Monster stuck his head out, and let out a nervous neigh. His eyes bolting around like a freight train. backing into his stall, he stuck his nose against the cool metal bars breathing heavily and occasionally stomping his foot. he though to himseld 'Well if its here I must live I might as well get used to it.'
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The First Day In A New Place
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